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Bust the Business Model report launched

International experts join MPs to launch a new report on how to bust the business model of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

On 13 April 2021, the UK Parliament's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation launched Bust the Business Model - a new report on how to stop sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in the UK.

MPs were joined at the launch by leading experts on combatting sexual exploitation. The event, chaired by Dame Diana Johnson MP, included contributions from:

  • Diane Martin CBE, exiting practitioner and survivor of sexual exploitation

  • Mia de Faoite, policy adviser and survivor of sexual exploitation

  • Tsitsi Matekaire, Global Lead - End Sex Trafficking, Equality Now

  • Valiant Richey, OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings

"Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation can be stopped. They are not inevitable. The only reason this abuse persists is because of a small minority of men who pay for sex. Just 3.6% of men in the UK have paid for sex in the past five years, yet it is their demand that drives sexual exploitation – and it is their money that lines the pockets of sex traffickers.
To stop sexual exploitation, we have to bust the business model of sex trafficking. That requires tackling demand from sex buyers and holding the ruthless individuals who facilitate sexual exploitation to account."

- Dame Diana Johnson MP, Foreword, Bust the Business Model

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